Ricoh RW-1 35mm Point and Shoot Camera

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The Ricoh RW-1 is a compact and user-friendly 35mm film camera that offers simplicity and convenience in a sleek package. Designed for all-day use, this camera is perfect for casual photographers and those seeking a straightforward point-and-shoot experience.

The RW-1 features autofocus, allowing for quick and accurate focusing on subjects, ensuring sharp and well-focused shots. Its fixed focal length lens offers a versatile field of view, suitable for everyday photography and various shooting scenarios. The camera's automatic exposure control ensures proper exposure.

With its compact, weatherproof design, the Ricoh RW-1 is convenient to carry around and ready to capture those spontaneous moments. Whether you're exploring the city streets or capturing memories with friends and family, the Ricoh RW-1 provides a reliable and compact film camera option to preserve your moments on film.

• Manufacturer: Ricoh
• Film Type: 35mm
• Metering: Automatic
• Focus: Automatic
• Flash: Yes
• Power: 2x AA
• Weight: 250g
• Lens: 34mm



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