Olympus AZ-1 Zoom 35mm Point and Shoot Camera

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The Olympus AZ-1 Zoom is a versatile 35mm film camera designed for capturing moments with precision and convenience. Its powerful zoom lens and user-friendly features make it an excellent choice for photographers of all levels.

Featuring a high-quality zoom lens, the AZ-1 Zoom allows you to get closer to your subjects or capture wide-angle scenes with ease. Its autofocus system ensures sharp and clear images, even in challenging lighting conditions. The automatic exposure control adapts to different environments, ensuring well-exposed photos in various lighting conditions.

Compact and lightweight, the AZ-1 Zoom is perfect for travel and everyday photography. Its intuitive controls and robust construction provide a hassle-free shooting experience, allowing you to focus on your creativity. Whether you're documenting distant landscapes or spontaneous moments, this camera offers versatility and reliability in one compact package.

Embrace the art of film photography with the Olympus AZ-1 Zoom, a camera that combines precision with simplicity, enabling you to preserve your memories with timeless charm and clarity.


• Manufacturer: Olympus 
• Film Type: 35mm
• Metering: Automatic
• Focus: Automatic
• Flash: Yes
• Power: 2CR5
• Weight: 250g
• Lens: 35-70mm f/3.5



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